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Wild West from 303 Seeds ~ 23.89% THC | 0.20% CBD | 0.37% CBNStrain: Wild West

From 303 Seed Company

Much like the City Slickers movies, Wild West is the kind of strain that can make you careen into your mid-life crisis if you’re on the verge of one. It inspires self-contemplation through a gigantic lens, big enough to cripple even the largest brute of a man. Then again, it might be a perfect panacea for the philosophical saddle-sores of a long cattle drive.

Our own introduction to the strain came by way of the notorious 303 Seed Company. The nugget’s long rawhide-colored hairs erupted from a fluorescent green core like spider legs. She was subtle when ground; an earthy, “celery” smell permeated both bottle and grinder, with a discreet transfusion of Cassava and Oak.

The first puff issued in major chill and head-jerking finale. Her initial, dominant rush ran electrically through the body and squelched thought-processing momentarily. Recovery was gradual with invisible crown upon the head and pain relief gushing down the spine into posterior and legs. About 30 minutes later, we were foggy-eyed and dealing with limited motor skills and direction. The head, especially, felt as if squeezed from both sides, or “wrapped in plastic.”

But as mentioned before, Wild West’s true performance was in its sensory upheaval and onslaught of self-introspective pondering. Self-improvement was a common thread. We were distracted in 100 different directions, while being completely displaced from the rest of the world. The collective vote for mood music was opera, namely Il barbiere di Siviglia.

Overall, Wild West ushered in a complete loss of time, straight from high noon to dinner. The misdirection (and strange sensation of being lost) led to mistakes. For some reviewers, the pacing back and forth, or switching between projects, never amounted to much of anything. Instead, it was the more appropriate team mate for a pickup game of football, especially for those with tight joints.

Over time, the irresponsible head high faded, leaving a liberal buzz just under the skin. With more puffs came disabling effects, ultimately prolonging our approach to the plateau. Still, the hazy effects were felt for up to five hours, with slight burnout upon descent. The 303 Seeds selection can be difficult to find in Colorado, but strains like Wild West definitely make them worth the pursuit.

Profile: Sativa (Jack Herer x AK47)

Testing: 24.46% Total Cannabinoids

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