Canadian Mayors Sign Letter In Support Of Ending Marijuana Prohibition – eNews Park Forest

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Mayors From British Columbia Sign Letter In Support Of Legalizing Marijuana OREGON–(ENEWSPF)–April 27, 2012. The letter is addressed to B.C. Premier Christy Clark, NDP Leader Adrian Dix and Conservative Leader John Cummins, and is signed by Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson Burnaby’s Derek Corrigan, North Vancouver mayor Darrell Mussatto, Lake Country mayor James Baker, Armstrong mayor Chris Pieper, Metchosin mayor John Ranns, Enderby mayor Howie Cyr, and Vernon mayor Robert Sawatzky.

How Can Kids Say ‘No’ to Marijuana Use When Others Say ‘Yes’? –

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Although controversial, the topic of medical marijuana is one that I believe is important to discuss.  As a teen and family therapist running a teen substance abuse program this topic is fairly familiar for me.  Through available research and client report, it has become clear to me that the use of marijuana is not only becoming increasingly common but has become quite a debated issue. Due to the debate, what I have found tricky to manage is the perspective that many teens maintain on the risks and benefits of marijuana. I once had a client bring me a stack of research articles nearly an inch thick supporting his argument of why he should be allowed to continue his use as he described that there were no risks but only benefits to his use.

Ingesting Marijuana – a Rising Trend Among Youths –

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A popular youth culture hitherto noticed on the streets and motor parks is gradually sneaking into our homes and becoming a part of our families. Whether it be a close nit family or extended one, whether a wealthy family or one stricken with poverty, the trend is building momentum, embarrassing families and resulting to secrets, tearing communities apart and breaking the hearts of mothers.

Medical marijuana bill likely on Mass. ballots this November – The Pilot

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BOSTON — “Mary Jane” is a bad nurse, according to opponents of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use. Three bills debated by the Massachusetts Legislature this session would expand the use of pot in the commonwealth.

Study: Montana 9th for marijuana use among teenagers – The Missoulian

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BILLINGS – Montana ranks ninth among the top 17 states for marijuana use among teens, which is predictable, according to local law enforcement officials who blame the state’s “goofy” and “convoluted” marijuana laws. “This comes as no surprise,” said Billings Deputy Police Chief Tim O’Connell.

Medical Marijuana Hub Too Close To Schools, Raided By Feds – Huffington Post

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By: Youth Radio Photo Credit: Denise Tejada/Youth Radio A crowd of protesters gather outside Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, as federal agents raid the facility. Federal agents raided Oaksterdam University this week, armed with search warrants claiming that the business is too close to schools and parks. The self-proclaimed university in downtown Oakland, California is a hub for people in the medical cannabis industry.

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