Member Blog: 5 Things You Can Do While Waiting for License Approval

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By Steve Flaks, VP of Sales, BioTrackTHC Your state passed a cannabis legalization bill and licensing applications are underway! Hooray! Now, you’re gearing up to start your canna-business. With your business plans in-hand and your application sent in, the fee paid, there is nothing to do now but wait… or you can prepare. These 5 steps can help ensure your business is ready for a successful, stress-free opening day, and beyond

Highlights From NCIA’s Seed To Sale Show

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by Brooke Gilbert, Director of Events and Education NCIA’s inaugural Seed To Sale Show was a smashing success! Take a look at some of the highlights below, which made this a must-attend event for those in the cannabis industry: More than 2,200 attendees. The first ever Cannavation and Cannatech Awards, which recognized trailblazing individuals and… The post Highlights From NCIA’s Seed To Sale Show appeared first on The National Cannabis Industry Association .

Supporters, foes debate marijuana initiative – Edmonds Beacon

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By Sara Bruestle | May 02, 2012 If there’s one thing Washington state residents can agree on when it comes to marijuana it’s this: Marijuana regulation is hazy, at best. However, a panel of law enforcement and public health experts was divided in how to clarify, or fix, regulation in a debate held April 26 at Mukilteo City Hall on Initiative 502, which would regulate and tax marijuana similarly to liquor. About 70 people attended the debate.

Synthetic Marijuana And Bath Salts Made Illegal – NewsLI

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Browse > Home / Health / Synthetic Marijuana And Bath Salts Made Illegal Senator Flanagan Announces Passage Of Legislation (Long Island, NY) In an ongoing effort to protect New Yorkers from the danger posed by “legal” drugs, Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District) announced that legislation he sponsored to criminalize the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana and “bath salts” has passed the New York State Senate. Synthetic marijuana or “fake pot” are herbs sprayed with chemicals called “synthetic cannabinoids.”   These products — including Spice, K2, Cloud 9 and Black 9 — have dangerous side effects, including rapid heart rate, tremors, loss of consciousness and hallucinations.  “Bath salts”, or “substituted cathinones,” are chemically related to methamphetamines and ecstasy that also cause harmful physical and psychological reactions. While Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law to ban the sale of “bath salts” last year, and just last month the New York State Department of Health banned the sale and distribution of synthetic marijuana through an Order for Summary Action, possession of these substances — which may be purchased outside the state or via the Internet — continues to be legal

Senator Kennedy Announces Senate Action to Prevent Underground Trafficking of … – WKBW-TV

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April 30, 2012 Updated Apr 30, 2012 at 5:17 PM EDT ALBANY (WKBW release) — New York State Senator Timothy M. Kennedy announced Monday that the state Senate has taken action to prevent the underground proliferation of synthetic marijuana and substituted cathinones – often referred to as ‘bath salts’. According to a news release: This follows a recent Health Department order which banned the sales of synthetic marijuana in stores throughout New York State.

President Obama: No legalized weed – Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

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President Obama is courting the youth vote this week, but is warning that his administration is not going to ignore federal laws against marijuana or give “carte blanche” to its large-scale producers. President Barack Obama exits Air Force One during Seattle visit. “We’re not going to have legalized weed anytime soon,” he told late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

State Doing Some, Not Enough to Fully Implement Citizen-Approved Michigan … – Huffington Post (blog)

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In November of 2008, Michigan voters, by an overwhelming 2 to 1 margin , legalized the medical use of cannabis. It was a decree and acknowledgement that marihuana is medicine and that the patients who use it, and those that assist them, should be protected from arrest, prosecution or any penalty.

Douglas planners support moratorium on medical marijuana sales –

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DOUGLAS, MI — Hoping the state sets some ground rules on medical marijuana distribution soon, the Douglas Planning Commission has recommended the City Council approve a second six-month moratorium on sales of marijuana locally.

Synthetic marijuana drug sales hitting a high –

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This synthetic cannabis is bought legally. Source: The Courier-Mail Source: The Daily Telegraph Sales of synthetic cannabis booming due to new law lapse One tobacconist in regional mining area makes $1000 a day Crackdown on synthetic marijuana now a shambles THE crackdown on synthetic marijuana is a shambles, with no one charged and sales booming

Grade school teacher ran large marijuana grow near Eureka, officials say – San Jose Mercury News

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EUREKA — A local elementary schoolteacher accused of running a large-scale indoor marijuana growing operation was arraigned Tuesday in Humboldt County Superior Court. According to the county district attorney’s office, John Eaton Cromwell, 46, pleaded not guilty to charges of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale and maintaining a drug house

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