Making Money Off of Medical Marijuana – Fox Business

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Making Money Off of Medical Marijuana Fox Business our next guest is calling the recent expansion of medical marijuana industry his company — box is a health care consulting and technology firm that sells medical marijuana dispensing machines. Here now is — box CEO doctor — bad — Taking so much for ..

Dozens march for medical marijuana in Halifax –

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The crowd was rallying for easier access to medicinal marijuana. (Michael Dick/CBC) Nearly 60 supporters of medical marijuana marched through downtown Halifax Saturday as part of a global campaign to promote easier access to the drug. Users in the Maritimes say they want the right to grow it rather than buy it from the government

Vallejo police raid fifth medical marijuana dispensary – San Jose Mercury News

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Vallejo police Friday afternoon raided a small medical marijuana dispensary, taking at least one person in custody. The mid-afternoon raid by police, aided by Solano County Narcotics Enforcement, was at Nature’s Love in the 300 block of Tennessee Street.

Vallejo police raid fifth medical marijuana dispensary – Vallejo Times-Herald

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Click photo to enlarge Vallejo police question employees and customers of Natures Love medical cannabis facility at 308 Tennessee Street during a raid in Vallejo on Friday.

Halifax: Maritimers fight for Medical Marijuana access – Canadian National Newspaper

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( — Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana Society and cannabis advocates will gather at Victoria Park, Halifax on Saturday 5 May 2012 from 1:00 – 4:30 PM in opposition to the federal government’s mishandling of the medical cannabis program. May 5th marks the 7th year that MUMM has joined cities world wide to seek an end to cannabis prohibition as we participate in the annual Global Marijuana March. Since its inception in 2001, the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations have proven to be unconstitutional in several courts, resulting in Health Canada being given many court orders to redraft the MMAR in order to adequately address the programs shortcomings.

Massachusetts legislators seek to legalize and tax marijuana despite health … –

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Medical-marijuana policies in Colorado nursing homes are cloudy – Denver Post

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Medical-marijuana policy in long-term-care facilities across Colorado is hazy at best. From state law and patients’ rights to federal law and liabilities, regulations on how marijuana may be used by nursing-home residents who suffer from eight specific medical conditions — set out in a 2000 state constitutional amendment legalizing the use of medical pot — run the gamut. For every facility that would discuss the matter, about a half-dozen declined, saying the topic was too controversial

Synthetic Marijuana And Bath Salts Made Illegal – NewsLI

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Browse > Home / Health / Synthetic Marijuana And Bath Salts Made Illegal Senator Flanagan Announces Passage Of Legislation (Long Island, NY) In an ongoing effort to protect New Yorkers from the danger posed by “legal” drugs, Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District) announced that legislation he sponsored to criminalize the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana and “bath salts” has passed the New York State Senate. Synthetic marijuana or “fake pot” are herbs sprayed with chemicals called “synthetic cannabinoids.”   These products — including Spice, K2, Cloud 9 and Black 9 — have dangerous side effects, including rapid heart rate, tremors, loss of consciousness and hallucinations.  “Bath salts”, or “substituted cathinones,” are chemically related to methamphetamines and ecstasy that also cause harmful physical and psychological reactions. While Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law to ban the sale of “bath salts” last year, and just last month the New York State Department of Health banned the sale and distribution of synthetic marijuana through an Order for Summary Action, possession of these substances — which may be purchased outside the state or via the Internet — continues to be legal

Pot laws no deterrent – Bakersfield Californian

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Tuesday, May 01 2012 04:21 PM Pot laws no deterrent If health outcomes determined drug laws instead of cultural norms, marijuana would be fully legal and there would be no medical marijuana debate (“Regulate medical cannabis at state level,” April 21). Unlike alcohol, marijuana has never been shown to cause an overdose death, nor does it share the addictive properties of tobacco. Marijuana can be harmful, but jail cells are inappropriate as health interventions and ineffective as deterrents.

Following Culver City Case, Court Of Appeal Clarifies Laws Over Medical … –

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Following the case regarding Jeffrey K. Joseph , the Court of Appeal recently issued an opinion that clarifies the operational parameters of medical marijuana collectives, cooperatives and dispensaries.

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