Iowa’s sole medical marijuana grower might get some competition –

Posted on: May 20th, 2018 by admin No Comments Iowa's sole medical marijuana grower might get some competition Iowa could get a second medical marijuana growing facility after all. Eight organizations told state regulators they might seek a license to grow marijuana plants and process the plants into medications. But they still have two weeks to decide whether …

Medical marijuana bill gets final approval in Connecticut Legislature –

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By Jeff Saperstone, Connecticut’s state Senate approved a bill legalizing medical marijuana early Saturday morning.

Dozens march for medical marijuana in Halifax –

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The crowd was rallying for easier access to medicinal marijuana. (Michael Dick/CBC) Nearly 60 supporters of medical marijuana marched through downtown Halifax Saturday as part of a global campaign to promote easier access to the drug. Users in the Maritimes say they want the right to grow it rather than buy it from the government

Senate debates medical marijuana bill late into the night –

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Hartford — Senate debate stretched late into the night Friday on legislation that would legalize marijuana in Connecticut for medical purposes. The bill, which last week passed in the House on a vote of 96 to 51 and has support from the governor, permits only pharmacists to dispense marijuana from a set number of approved “dispensaries,” and only licensed, in-state producers to grow it. Only adult patients who suffer from one of a dozen specific debilitating conditions would be eligible to obtain the drug

DEA Investigate Medical Pot Profits – KDRV

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By Bryan Navarro MEDFORD, Ore.

Southern Oregon Medical Marijuana Growers Facing Charges – KDRV

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May 2, 2012 By Sharon Ko MEDFORD, Ore. — Six Southern Oregon men linked to illegal medical marijuana grows raided by DEA agents this past fall are facing felony charges.

US charges 6 with selling Ore. medical marijuana – Seattle Post Intelligencer

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Illegal marijuana farms could create dangerous confrontations – ABC 4

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“They were parked out here about 300 or 400 yards out in the trees,” said Berchinal. “Kind of like it’s hidden away?” asked ABC 4′s Brent Hunsaker. “Right,” answered Berchinal.

Medical Marijuana: How Would The Law Work? – Hartford Courant

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Last Wednesday the Connecticut House of Representatives approved a bill to legalize medical marijuana .

Marijuana Grows Cause Collateral Damage Across California – KHSL

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It’s no secret that marijuana grows are prevalent in the North State and across California, and for law enforcement agencies, these gardens are becoming a growing problem for many reasons. It might surprise you to learn that the department of Fish and Game is on the forefront of the fight. That’s because illegal marijuana grows pose a huge threat to plants and wildlife in the surrounding area.

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