Member Blog: 2018 Farm Bill – What Does This Mean For Hemp-Derived CBD?

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by Robyn Ranke, Eskaton Law For marijuana businesses, the 2018 Farm Bill is landmark legislation. Congress passed the Bill yesterday awaiting the President’s signature into law

Member Blog: Hiring New Budtenders – Keep Your Eyes Out For These Red Flags

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by Courtney Elder, CBD Nerds The success of your dispensary relies on many things – your location, the quality of the products you sell, and the people who work for you. While it might seem as if you can put just about anyone behind the counter and have them ring up transactions, the art of being a budtender is a completely different animal. Managers and owners who are in the position of needing to replace or expand their current staffing may not fully realize how their employees can make or break their business, so let’s go through a few important considerations.

7 facts about medical marijuana – Detroit Free Press

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• Cannabis has been smoked for thousands of years, but in some ways, scientists are only beginning to understand how it affects the brain and systems in the human body.

Cannabis for the medical baker subject of class – Redwood Times

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Chemist Samantha Miller returned to the 707 Cannabis College Friday evening, April 6, for the final in her series of lectures on medical marijuana. This lecture was directed at the medical marijuana baker, but she began with a review of cannabis basics. The main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinoid).

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