The 2018 Farm Bill and the Return of Hemp to American Farms

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by Michelle Rutter, NCIA Government Relations Manager HISTORY Farming and agriculture has long been a part of North American history. When the Great Depression hit in the 1930’s, both President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Congress knew that the United States would struggle until the agriculture industry became prosperous again. As a result, many New Deal programs dealt with farming, but arguably the most notable agriculture related legislation was the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, which was the first version of what we know today as simply the “Farm Bill” that is updated roughly every five years

No Joke: The Republican-Controlled Congress Aims to Protect … – Motley Fool

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Motley Fool No Joke: The Republican-Controlled Congress Aims to Protect … Motley Fool Few industries are creating a buzz with investors quite like legal cannabis

In our nation’s opioid epidemic, Pa. could find a fix using medical marijuana – York Daily Record/Sunday News

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In our nation's opioid epidemic, Pa. could find a fix using medical marijuana York Daily Record/Sunday News Pennsylvania saw the second-highest drop nationally in the number of opioid prescriptions in 2017, according to the American Medical Association.

America can’t afford to legalize marijuana –

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By Johan Mathiesen Lauren Ruth Wiener’s opinion column on legalizing marijuana was well-reasoned and sensible.

Boulder pot shop welcomes National Geographic’s ‘American Weed’ spotlight – Denver Post

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A Boulder medical marijuana dispensary is prominently featured in the National Geographic series “American Weed,” and while the shop’s owner is satisfied with the show, a former manager says he was misrepresented as a stereotypical stoner. In fact, a cable comedy show recently poked fun at University of Colorado graduate Alex Douglas for fumbling over sentences in the documentary series. Beginning in February 2011, the North Boulder Wellness Center gave camera crews full access to film its operations for about seven months

Pot laws no deterrent – Bakersfield Californian

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Tuesday, May 01 2012 04:21 PM Pot laws no deterrent If health outcomes determined drug laws instead of cultural norms, marijuana would be fully legal and there would be no medical marijuana debate (“Regulate medical cannabis at state level,” April 21). Unlike alcohol, marijuana has never been shown to cause an overdose death, nor does it share the addictive properties of tobacco. Marijuana can be harmful, but jail cells are inappropriate as health interventions and ineffective as deterrents.

University of Colorado Nixes Marijuana-Laced 4/20 Protest – TIME

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There’s no better time than April 20 to apply some much-needed fertilizer to the grassy University of Colorado campus in Boulder. Of course, such an application also requires shutting down the campus to visitors — and shutting down what has traditionally turned into a marijuana smoke-fest at the school’s Norlin Quad

Cannabis Curriculum and Hemposium – Suffolk Voice

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On April 10, 2012 Suffolk University’s NORML club hosted their second annual Cannabis Curriculum and Hemposium . The event consisted of several speakers, students and nonstudents , who are highly educated on the drug policy in the United States

Can Obama Win Votes by Waging War on Medical Marijuana? I Don’t Think So. – Huffington Post

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The recent multi-agency federal raid of Oaksterdam University, a respected medical marijuana trade school in Oakland, has many people struggling to understand the Obama Administration’s escalating campaign against medical cannabis. Most pernicious among these theories is an idea I’ve heard repeatedly from medical marijuana supporters in recent weeks: that Obama needs to take a tough stance as he gears up for the general election. It’s an easy enough thing to say, but it’s wrong, and people who want to change our marijuana laws would be wise to stop talking this way

Legalize drugs? It’s a valid discussion for US, Mexico and others – Los Angeles Times

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The Summit of the Americas is more often a photo opportunity than a forum for bold policy initiatives. When issues of substance are discussed, the meeting of the hemisphere’s 34 leaders has generally yielded more clashes than regional pacts. But some saw a chance for a little more action this year when leaders from several Latin American countries came to this weekend’s summit in the Colombian seaside city of Cartagena complaining of drug war fatigue.

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