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May 2, 2012

By Sharon Ko

MEDFORD, Ore. — Six Southern Oregon men linked to illegal medical marijuana grows raided by DEA agents this past fall are facing felony charges.

In an affidavit, the Drug Enforcement Administration is detailing how the suspects knowingly produced and sold over the medical marijuana legal limit. The court documents also show how the men were all linked to each other.

The affidavit goes into detail of how federal agents scoped out the sites of medical marijuana grows what they found inside the properties during last fall’s raids. SONORML says it visited some of the growers’ homes and never suspected illegal grows.

The first site that DEA agents raided was Brian Simmons’ home. Wednesday agents revisited his home. Back in October, they seized over 400 plants thousands of pounds of dried weed and packaging material. At Simmons’ residence, agents also found John Johnson. He admitted to working for Simmons’ receiving weed and money for compensation.

Simmons was also linked to a location on Dark Hallow Road where officials found plants, processed weed and packaging material and owners Mike Peru and Michael Grantski who are accused of selling to dispensaries. Clifford Ruhland came into the picture after agents found his number in Peru and Simmons’ phone. Another man was working for Ruhland was also part of the illegal grow.

SONORML’s Executive Director Lori Duckworth believes raids could be avoided if the medical marijuana law had clearer language.

“I feel like the gray area really needs to be defined. And I think law enforcement is very overwhelmed by that gray area, and I think that they you know, they just want that definition to be made also,” says Duckworth

Federal agents also say they acquired evidence through bank statements and video surveillance. The federal attorney prosecuting the six in this case did not want to go on camera, but says the case is headed to the grand jury.

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