Silver Haze from Heritage Organics

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Silver Haze from Heritage Organics ~ 17.77% THC | 0.09% CBD | 4.40% CBNStrain: Silver Haze

Dispensary: Heritage Organics

Silver Haze is supposedly one of the most in-the-middle hybrids available, combining the mind-numbing Original Haze with both Skunk and Northern Lights. Even before we’d reviewed it, the Herbal Synergy guys let us know that our particular specimen, from Heritage Organics, tested at almost 4.5% CBN. “We tested it three times to make sure,” one of them said. “It’s incredibly rare.”

The bud was silver in its own way, hairs nearly hidden, and a little like a pine branch, curved and gnarly. Its grind was sweet and sour, with a metallic and earthy aroma. It wasn’t pungent, although a lilt of haze stuck upon the fingers and filled our glass.

The first puff was a grifter–she had us fooled. Almost nothing came immediately. A few minutes later, a creeping high struck, just seconds before the second dose. We took the puff more deliberately, then waited for the experience to come. It did, upon exhale, at alarming speed. It was so abrupt that we nearly fell backwards, losing control. Functionality slowly disappeared. The muscles became elastic and occasionally twitched, as electricity coursed throughout the face, concentrating in lips and forehead.

Quite distracted, the ten minutes of madness brought us to a new state of consciousness but reached a manageable plateau. SH’s sensation combined pain relief with an ultimate inner peace and full release of muscle tension, without a cloudy out-of-body experience. The calming ripple upon the forearms and crown of the head seemed to last forever. Otherwise, we were happy. Curious and creative, but overall, in good moods.

During the day it was especially effective in small doses, especially after the initial craziness died down (30-45 Min in). The strain helped achieve a new sense of clarity while maximizing the anti-inflammatory effects. Appetite was easily moderated for the first hour, but munchies did eventually arrive. However, we suffered no problems with motor functionality, such as walking or completing tasks.

The strain was amiable and thoughtful, at times poetic and hopeful. But the haziness never lifted. She was perfect for getting stuff done around the house on a weekend or right after dinner. Be careful with post-lunch use–there’s a 50% chance of burnout. Ultimately Silver Haze is a fine fusion of our theoretic staple strains, with a unique high that inspires the urge in all of us to finish that which will never be.

Profile: 50/50 Indica/Sativa

Testing: 22.26% Total Cannabinoids

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Full Results from Herbal Synergy

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