San Francisco Democratic Party Calls on Obama to End Medical Marijuana Attacks

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San Francisco Democratic Party Calls on Obama to End Medical Marijuana Attacks

Democrats seek to re-open closed dispensaries & call for passage of statewide regulations

San Francisco, CA — The San Francisco Democratic Party adopted a
resolution yesterday demanding that President Obama, Attorney General
Eric Holder, and U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag “cease all Federal actions
in San Francisco immediately, respect State and local laws, and stop the
closure of City-permitted medical cannabis facilities.” The resolution
was co-sponsored by 21 members of the party’s Central Committee (DCCC)
including: its author Gabriel Haaland, Assembly member Tom Ammiano,
State Senator Leland Yee, Supervisor David Campos, Supervisor David
Chiu, former State Senator Carole Migden, and former Supervisor Aaron

At least 5 permitted San Francisco dispensaries have been forced to
close in the last few months as a result of the Obama
administration’s heightened attack in California. The operators and
landlords of these and several more dispensaries were threatened
with federal criminal prosecution and asset forfeiture in an effort
to shut down access points for the city’s tens of thousands of
qualified patients. San Francisco has been especially hard hit since
October, when California’s four U.S. Attorneys escalated an already
vigorous federal campaign against medical marijuana.

The DCCC argues that, “the U. S. Attorneys in California are not
targeting individuals and organizations that are operating outside
of the law, but instead are aggressively persecuting a peaceful and
regulated community, wasting Federal resources in using a series of
threatening tactics to shut down regulated access to medical
cannabis across the state of California.” The DCCC also accuses the
federal government of “depriving…the State of California [of] much
needed tax revenue.”

The DCCC resolution comes as President Obama deflects concern and
anger over his aggressive enforcement practices in today’s issue of
Rolling Stone. Backpedaling, President Obama is claiming that “there
haven’t been any prosecutions” of medical marijuana patients, but he
has ignored the broader negative effects of his campaign and the
need to treat medical marijuana as a public health issue. “With a
highly contentious bid for the White House, Obama should think twice
about being out of step with his party and the 80 percent of
Americans who support safe and legal access to medical marijuana,”
said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access,
which is part of the SF United campaign.

The passage of yesterday’s resolution also comes on the heels of a
rally held earlier this month, attended by hundreds of medical
marijuana patients and supporters. Since then, the coalition San
Francisco United for Safe Access has lobbied legislators to stand up
to federal intimidation and coercion. In response to this effort,
the DCCC is coming to the aid of city dispensaries by seeking to
“establish an emergency plan to expedite the re-permitting of any
[shuttered] medical cannabis dispensaries.”

The DCCC also endorsed Assembly Bill 2312, a statewide regulatory
framework for the medical marijuana industry in California, and
called on their fellow Democrats to do the same. Last week, the
Assembly Public Safety Committee passed AB 2312, which is now set to
be heard by Assembly Appropriations within the next two weeks. “It’s
irresponsible for the federal government to dismantle established
and responsible regulations in California,” said the resolution’s
author and DCCC member Gabriel Haaland. “Hundreds of thousands of
patients will be forced into the illicit market, creating
unnecessary public safety issues that will affect us all.”

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