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Privacy Policy

Clinical Cannabis Today is a portal for all news, opinions, products, services and information covering the growing business of the Medical Marijuana Industry.

CCT is a full service publishing company based in Scottsdale AZ. Publisher of Trade Newsletters, Medical Marijuana, National Certification Program, Events, Training Programs, Consulting Services, Public Relation, Online Services, Interactive Marketing, SEO, Custom Publishing, Direct Marketing Programs, List Rentals and Creative Services.

Some Disclaimers
Clinical Cannabis Today presents news and opinions from a wide variety of sources: web sites, publications, and blogs. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. We aim to be comprehensive but we do not claim to capture every news item or news source relating to the Medical Marijuana industry. Neither CCT, nor the Clinical Cannabis site will be liable for any loss or damage arising from use of the Clinical Cannabis Today site, or from lack of access to the site due to site outages.

The articles that we present on the Clinical Cannabis Today site remain the property of their originators. In fact some times we only display the first 100 or so words of any article; if you want to see the rest of it we link you to the originating web site. Part of our mission is to raise awareness of the many great news sources and blogs that are emerging to support the community.

We welcome user comment postings as long as they are relevant and civil.  We reserve the right to publish or not publish comments solely at our discretion.  We also reserve the right to ban users altogether whose comments are we deem to be repeatedly at odds with the mission and spirit of this site.  We are not responsible for the accuracy of user comments.

The opinions expressed in the Clinical Cannabis Today site are those of our employees but do not necessarily represent the official positions of CCT Inc.

Privacy. You are welcome to use the Clinical Cannabis site without giving us any information whatsoever. If you want to receive our newsletter, you will need to supply your email address.  If you want to comment on stories you will need to register with the site. CCT Inc. will not share this information with third parties, except as required for maintenance of the site or by law.

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