One and Done from D And C Medical Marijuana

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One and Done from D&C ~ 25.25% THC | 0.22% CBD | 0.35% CBNStrain: One and Done (Flower and Hash Combo)

Dispensary: D&C Medical Marijuana

With a name like “One and Done,” we expected a definitive one-hit wonder, strong as “Come On Eileen,” or “Ice Ice Baby”. What we found was actually a D&C version of caviar, without the hash oil infusion prior to bubble hash cover. Ours arrived with a hoppy pinewood aroma, and pre-ground. It was gummy and showed a slight purple base, but overall, looked like the sort of filth you might find in the couch, and toss. That said, make sure your significant other or roommate knows that it’s medicine.

One hit wonder or not, we did not stop at 1 puff. After about three hits, we were enjoying a creeping and emotional high, full of the introspection and creativity as a bright sativa-leaning hybrid. We became empathetic and understanding, though, wishing to slow life down. Our eyes twitched involuntarily; control had to be gauged carefully so as not to embarrass ourselves. Conversation wasn’t just difficult, it was uncalled for.

Physically, we were functional for the first 20 minutes, but fairly clumsy thereafter. One puff–truly, one and done–translated perfectly for daytime work functionality. Such dosage would be preferable for continued use, so as not to burn out, and effective for 2-3 hours at a time. Physical labor was easier, as pain grew majorly subdued.

Overall, One and Done was a different experience than most, given its resemblance of the original caviar once prevalent in Colorado. Gutsy and driven, this was an empowering high, even though occasionally disorderly, forgetful, and random. If anything, the novelty is worth a try, regardless how “done” you are after one dose.

Profile: Hybrid/Mixed

Testing: 25.82 Total Cannabinoids

Full Results from Herbal Synergy

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