‘NJWeedman’ Defending Himself on Drug Charges – NBC 10 Philadelphia

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Baggies of marijuana ready for distribution at a medical cannabis cooperative. Ed Forchion claims he was arrested in NJ in 2010 for carrying legally dispensed medical marijuana from Cal. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A trial begins on Tuesday for Ed Forchion, known as NJ ‘Weedman’ on drug possession charges.

Forchion was arrested after a traffic stop in 2010 when police say a marijuana pipe was found inside his car and a search of the trunk discovered more than a pound of marijuana in plastic bags.

Forchion maintains he had legally issued medical marijuana that he obtained in California and that under NJ’s medical marijuana law he had the right to travel across state lines, and into NJ, with it.

The longtime advocate for legalizing marijuana is representing himself in court. He’s also asking his supporters to “show up and occupy the courtroom” during the trial. He says he can’t afford an attorney.

Forchion is also a perennial candidate for office in NJ. Despite the fact that he moved to Cal. in 2008, he says in 2012 he’s a candidate for both the U.S. House 3rd District and the NJ State Assembly 8th District seats.

Residency questions didn’t keep Forchion off the ballot for an unsuccessful 2011 run for state assembly.

The rest is here: ‘NJWeedman’ Defending Himself on Drug Charges – NBC 10 Philadelphia

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