Keeping things straight at the Cherry Co dispensary – manager, Lianna Loving

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Why she does what she does- talk with Lianna Loving

Well, I want to let everyone know that I don’t get my meds from any ol’ dispensary that has a sign twirler, and didn’t simply pick the one that’s the closest to where I live. So, that’s a way of saying I don’t really have a vast list to compare to, but I think I can recognize a well-running retail establishment when I see one.

Cherry Co. Dispensary is exactly that, with a keen eye on keeping things running smoothly and strictly by the book.

Looking back on my visit, in retrospect, the only way to describe my overall feeling of Cherry Co.’s interior, is by combining my active imagination with countless old movies in Technicholor. I envision the highest-class brothel in the entire Metro area, an establishment any city Mayor would be proud to frequent.

Of course, we can’t mention the above without talking about what distinguishes a place as ‘high-class’ – or just a house. That, of course, would be the Madame, meaning ‘my lady’ – the mea domina – the feminine form of the Latin word for Lord. Less than 100 years ago, these savvy women set themselves up to stand toe-to-toe, or ‘breast-to-shoulder’ with any of their male business counterparts.

Stepping inside Cherry Co., you’ll be greeted by this professional business’ own kind of Madame – Lianna. She is the manager at Cherry Co., and keeps things running like clockwork. Aligned with a great support staff and a couple of cool owners who ‘get it’, Lianna is able to have a job that’s also her life’s passion – it makes her feel good when she can see that she’s helping others.

Cherry Co, dispensary manager,Lianna Loving,

Lianna Loving - manager

As soon as I asked the question, “How do you guys do it?”, I knew I had messed up, quickly realizing that the only possible answer could be “A lot of HARD work.”

Well then, ‘Why?’

Lianna explained to me her reasoning: “Because I refuse to let the rules and regulations become the cause of all of this being stripped away from us [by the authorities]. I suffered a major injury years ago that had me taking prescription pain medications for years. When I discovered cannabis therapy for my pain, and an alternative for prescription opiates, it became my dream then to do whatever it takes to get this medicine out to the people who I know also need it.”

Cherry Co. in Cherry Creek, north of East Alameda Avenue on South Madison Avenue, is a fine establishment. Be sure to take note of the address, however, because it’s a little tricky to find if you’re not a local.

First, pay attention that it’s South Madison, meaning south of East First Avenue. Also stay cognizant of staying to the north of the Cherry Creek waterway, and you may just find it without smart phone navigation.

The Cherry Co.‎
111 South Madison Street
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 399-6337 (An employee will always answer during business hours.)

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