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A Catawba man claims he was robbed at gunpoint last week while buying marijuana from two men.

Deputies received a call from a woman who said her brother was being held at gunpoint, according to a York County Sheriff’s Office report. They responded to a cemetery on Neelys Creek Road and found a car unlocked and a pair of flip-flops near the passenger door.

Through call-tracing, deputies located the alleged victim, 17-year-old Steven Green, along with a friend, the report states. At first Greene said he had been robbed at gunpoint by two men. However, he then admitted he had met them to buy and smoke marijuana, but they robbed him before he bought any.

When he and the suspects saw a patrol car approaching at the cemetery, they all ran into the woods, the report states.

A police dog unit found two men in the woods: Michael Beachman, 22, and Edward Moss, 21, the report states. They told deputies that they had met Greene at the location he chose, but that he and his friend had jumped them and taken the drugs.

Deputies learned Greene had grabbed the drugs and fought with one of the men, the report states. The men then held him at gunpoint and demanded he return the drugs, which is when they let him call his sister.

All four, including Greene’s friend, Christopher Cooper, 18, were charged with marijuana possession, according to the report.

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