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By Bryan Navarro

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medical marijuana growers are accused of selling extra pot from their large scale grows on the black market.

Those in the medical marijuana community say the growers suspected of wrongdoing were excellent farmers… Harvesting top product and lots of it. When the DEA counted how many plants they had, how many pounds each produced, and the price of the pot on the black market - it adds up to more than seven and a half million dollars.

Linked by text messages and swollen bank accounts, six men are charged with felonies. Alleged that they grew cannabis legally then sold excess weed on the black market.

Let’s look at the numbers…

Brian Simmons ran Brain’s Green Thumb Farm and was called an excellent gardener. According to affidavit, that farm had 456 plants. The DEA says his plants could yield about 10 pounds each, a total harvest of about 4,560. There were only 76 cards at the site, allowing for only 114 pounds of marijuana; that’s an excess of about 4,446 pounds over the state limit.

SONORML says there are several legal ways to get rid of the extra marijuana, like donating to patients.

“Such as our organization, our organization, we have 3,000 members here at the Community Center,” states SONORML’s Lori Duckworth.

But the DEA alleges Simmons and other growers worked with a man named Michael Peru to transport and sell some of the extra marijuana. Local police say the price per pound is less than a thousand dollars in Jackson County, but it can go for much more in other parts of the country.

“Different strains go for different prices. And I think it’s based on quality, THC levels and all of those things,” MADGE Lt. Brett Johnson.

The DEA says Peru’s son was selling pot in the Seattle area at a price of $1,750 a pound. Multiply that out, and that’s a total of $7,780,500. Investigators found bank accounts linked to the six men, had dozens of cash and check deposits worth a total of more than $300,000.

“I think they’re going to represent those numbers as being high, we are in an election year, and the Federal Government wants to make it look as bad as they possibly can,” says Duckworth.

That was a look at only one of the three grows. There were nearly two hundred additional plants seized at two other grow sites linked to this DEA investigation.

Read the rest here: DEA Investigate Medical Pot Profits – KDRV

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