Cocoa Rolls from Honest Abes Edibles

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Product: Cocoa Rolls

MIPS: Honest Abe’s Edibles (Sweet Grass Kitchen)

While nobody knows the whole story behind the fiasco that created Benjamins, Benz, and Honest Abes edibles from the same initial group of partners, it’s no wonder that each company has produced a similar competitor to the Cheeba Chew. Sweet Grass Kitchen, which also offers a 60mg “Choco Log” through Mountain High Edibles, produces a higher-quality, 100mg version of the tootsie-roll confection, the Cocoa Roll. Like its contemporary Cheeba-competitors, a strong citrus taste masked the cannabis and even cocoa–but unlike any of the others, it was soft and velvety, pulling from the wrapper like a freshly-baked brownie.

Some effects were felt instantly. Given its size and gooey viscosity (it sat in the mouth and required above-average salivation and chewing) the THC was already running through the bloodstream by time it got to the stomach. Subtle levity was accompanied by a momentary head buzz. The first waves became numbing and narcotic as the world slowed.

The eyelids grew heavier as muscles began transformation to rubber. Thirty minutes passed before a definitive high developed. Somewhat disorganized, the cloudy head magnified exhaustion. A buzz extended from its core in the cerebellum, down the spine and into the leg, bringing upon weightlessness.

Brain circuitry had disconnected. Several of us attempted analytical thinking, but couldn’t think straight, much less sit through a math lecture. During the second hour another rush hit, onset in the center of the head, conjuring more creativity and a sudden burst of awareness. It was accompanied by a further sinking feeling, although more cohesive and optimistic. This turned into a minor plateau which allowed functionality but didn’t die.

Over time, the high led to a haunting and eerie introspection. Silence doesn’t help, especially the hour before sunset, when the landscape becomes a two-faced version of itself, part in direct light, the other, shadow. But thankfully, that’s where the philosophy stopped in a stalemate of long daze (a spring day is preferable to autumn).

Be warned that, like most edibles, a person will be uniquely affected based on metabolism, tolerance, size, blood pressure, and more. Taken too early, the Cocoa Roll can burn out or wasted day; late ingestion can zap motivation and inspire bedtime. Both Roll and Choco Log were recommended by one bud-tender, and shrugged at by another (both were of similar physical size). While we feel both products offer more potency than the Cheeba Chew, only the patient can decide for themselves.

The rest is here: Cocoa Rolls from Honest Abes Edibles

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