Ruyan meaning “to resemble smoking” medicated oil eCigarette, sometimes called electronic vaporizer

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Need your Certificate of Occupancy in CO, the guy to help get it!

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Know of anyone in need of their Certificate of Occupancy (CO) this is the guy to help get it! Short-Link to this: Hello, I wanted to send out a reference on behalf of a local architect that I worked with in great detail on our Certificate of Occupancy process… If you know of anyone in [...]

My Medicine The Book

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My Medicine The Book

Re-Cap: Patients Appreciation Day at Chronorado Dispensary in Denver

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Cannabis this Saturday at Chronorado Dispensary with patients appreciation day received a free gift-bag and a hamburger off the grill.   Also, the Vape-Pen van was there handing out some swag and showing off their electronic hash oil vaporizer cigarette.

Dispensaries struggle to obtain banks and credit-card accounts

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Medical Marijuana Credit Card Merchant Accounts The solution for medical marijuana businesses that have had their credit card merchant accounts closed is, apparently, with 420 Card Processing.

SMS Offers Marketing Opportunity

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Owners of medical marijuana dispensaries can use messaging to market their products and differentiate themselves from their competition.

Legalizing Drugs Worthy of Debate Obama: Video

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Responding to a question from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), President Barack Obama says that legalizing and regulating marijuana and other drugs is…

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