Cocoa Rolls from Honest Abes Edibles

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Social Buttons by Linksku Product: Cocoa Rolls MIPS: Honest Abe’s Edibles ( Sweet Grass Kitchen ) While nobody knows the whole story behind the fiasco that created Benjamins, Benz, and Honest Abes edibles from the same initial group of partners, it’s no wonder that each company has produced a similar competitor to the Cheeba Chew. Sweet Grass Kitchen, which also offers a 60mg “Choco Log” through Mountain High Edibles, produces a higher-quality, 100mg version of the tootsie-roll confection, the Cocoa Roll. Like its contemporary Cheeba-competitors, a strong citrus taste masked the cannabis and even cocoa–but unlike any of the others, it was soft and velvety, pulling from the wrapper like a freshly-baked brownie.

Vanilla Kush from Garden of the Gods

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Social Buttons by Linksku Strain: Vanilla Kush Dispensary: Garden of the Gods While the High Times Cup brought upon an onslaught of mystery gems into the office this past weekend, there were 4/20 Rally Cup entries that also deserved acclaim. One of our favorites, Vanilla Kush, was the best contender from Garden of the Gods’ offerings, violet, meaty and well-aged. Its hallmark was a piercing lime aroma, with vanilla bean undertones, if not an almond creaminess.

Cannapages Guide to Selected High Times Strain Entries

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This past week at the Cannapages office, we fielded sample after sample from the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver. Although we weren’t able to try and review the full 120 strains and concentrates that arrived, we were able to provide the following sampling guide to the High Times Cup, which concludes late this afternoon. We selected strains somewhat randomly, although our favorite group of contenders this year, hands down, came from the Hybrid category

One and Done from D And C Medical Marijuana

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Strain: One and Done (Flower and Hash Combo) Dispensary: D&C Medical Marijuana With a name like “One and Done,” we expected a definitive one-hit wonder, strong as “Come On Eileen,” or “Ice Ice Baby”. What we found was actually a D&C version of caviar , without the hash oil infusion prior to bubble hash cover. Ours arrived with a hoppy pinewood aroma, and pre-ground

Juliet from The Green House

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Strain: Juliet Dispensary: Green House LLC “It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” – So Romeo describes his chimerical beauty.

Silver Haze from Heritage Organics

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Strain: Silver Haze Dispensary: Heritage Organics Silver Haze is supposedly one of the most in-the-middle hybrids available, combining the mind-numbing Original Haze with both Skunk and Northern Lights.

Durban Poison Wax from Platte Valley

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Strain: Durban Poison Wax Dispensary: Platte Valley A round of Durban Poison wax (from Platte Valley’s “Wax Room”) arrived in the office this week, looking like the glazed back-side of a lemon bar. But even our seasoned critics weren’t prepared for the experience: it was extreme. Possibly the best thing we at Cannapages have ever reviewed, and we knew it immediately.

SAGE from Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Strain: SAGE (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium) Dispensary: BMMD Would that the fields of sage throughout this state could be cannabis. S.A.G.E. — or the Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium — fits right in the middle as hybrids go, combining the pure and standard Afghani with a sativa thought to be rooted in California’s Big Sur.

Wild West from 303 Seeds

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Strain: Wild West From 303 Seed Company Much like the City Slickers movies, Wild West is the kind of strain that can make you careen into your mid-life crisis if you’re on the verge of one. It inspires self-contemplation through a gigantic lens, big enough to cripple even the largest brute of a man.

Pineapple Sage Shatter from Alternative Wellness Center

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Strain : Pineapple Sage (Shatter) Dispensary: Alternative Wellness Center Not all ear wax/shatter specimens get the celebrity treatment at CannaCritiques, but there was no way we could try Alternative Wellness Clinic’s version of Pineapple Sage, without awarding a Cream Of The Crop .

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