Member Blog: News Flash – Quirky Cannabis Regulations Unchecked

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by Robyn Ranke, Eskaton Law California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) Proposed Final Regulations: There are some quirky cannabis regulations seldom discussed by industry professionals which have a hidden impact on your business operations. Most business owners are, as they should be, preoccupied with the more prevalent draconian-styled regulations, like license fees, taxation, and testing

The 116th Congress – What To Expect

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by Michelle Rutter, NCIA Government Relations Manager As the 116th Congress begins, the momentum behind cannabis reform has reached an unprecedented level. Let’s take a look at the top three things you can expect from cannabis legislation in the newest congressional session: Successes in the House of Representatives, but an uphill climb in the Senate.

The History of Appropriations

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by Michelle Rutter, Government Relations Manager Congress doesn’t spend much of their time on passing legislation, but one exception is how much time they spend on the nation’s annual spending bills.

Committee Blog: California Regulations Public Comment Period Nears Close – Act Now!

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by Lauren Mendelsohn ( Law Offices of Omar Figueroa ), Juli Crockett ( MMLG ) and Michael Cooper ( MadisonJay Solutions LLC ) from  NCIA’s State Regulations Committee Do you have views on the regulations that will govern California’s cannabis industry? If so, California’s window for the public to make comments on the proposed permanent industry regulations is about to draw to a close.

Hemp: One of the Nation’s Oldest, and Now Newest, Agricultural Commodities

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by Michelle Rutter, NCIA’s Government Relations Manager HISTORY Farming and agriculture has long been a part of North American history. When the Great Depression hit in the 1930’s, both President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Congress knew that the United States would struggle until the agriculture industry became prosperous again. As a result, many New Deal programs dealt with farming, but arguably the most notable agriculture related legislation was the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 , which was the first version of what we know today as simply the “Farm Bill” that is updated roughly every five years

Campaign Update From Michigan’s Coalition To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

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NCIA recently spoke with two key figures in the state of Michigan to get an update from the boots on the ground about the efforts to legalize cannabis for adults this year. Mark Passerini is the founder of a medical dispensary based in Ann Arbor, Om of Medicine , and was also recently elected to serve on NCIA’s Board of Directors. Josh Hovey is the spokesperson for Michigan’s Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Member Spotlight: Tidal Royalty Corporation

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In this month’s member spotlight, we hear from Paul Rosen, CEO of Tidal Royalty Corporation , a Toronto-based company providing financing for U.S. licensed cannabis operators looking to expand their operations.

Member Blog: 5 Things You Can Do While Waiting for License Approval

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By Steve Flaks, VP of Sales, BioTrackTHC Your state passed a cannabis legalization bill and licensing applications are underway! Hooray! Now, you’re gearing up to start your canna-business. With your business plans in-hand and your application sent in, the fee paid, there is nothing to do now but wait… or you can prepare. These 5 steps can help ensure your business is ready for a successful, stress-free opening day, and beyond

Member Blog: Raising The Bar – Setting New Standards and Building Public Trust

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by Jill Ellsworth,  MS, RDN, CEO and founder of Willow Industries In 1991, professors Harry G. Levine and Craig Reinarman published an article in the healthcare journal The Milbank Quarterly titled, “From Prohibition to Regulation: Lessons from Alcohol Policy for Drug Policy.” In their study, they note the quiet effectiveness of an industry that has regulated itself without issue since 1934. “ The leaders of the major alcohol industries, just like other members of the economic establishment, have a strong investment in maintaining order and obedience to law

New Bill: The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act

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In the 115th Congress, there are more cannabis reform bills than ever before — dozens, as a matter of fact! Let’s take a closer look at one of the newest reform bills that was just introduced today ! Bill : The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act Introduced by : Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) What It Does: This bill would create federal, safe harbor protection for veterans and their doctors when using or recommending medical cannabis in states where it is legal. In order to provide our nation’s veterans immediate relief from opioid abuse, the bill directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct research on the effects of medical marijuana on veterans in pain, and to research the relationship between state-sanctioned medical cannabis programs and any reduction in opioid abuse among veterans.

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