Cannapages Guide to Selected High Times Strain Entries

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This past week at the Cannapages office, we fielded sample after sample from the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver. Although we weren’t able to try and review the full 120 strains and concentrates that arrived, we were able to provide the following sampling guide to the High Times Cup, which concludes late this afternoon. We selected strains somewhat randomly, although our favorite group of contenders this year, hands down, came from the Hybrid category.


Sativa 5
Critics Score: 7.9
Sativa 5’s rustic citrus aroma was the first characteristic to strike us. Her high was energizing, bright and merry, generally focused and ready to go. Forty minutes of a subdued madness were followed by another 1.5 hours of lingering electricity. One critic wrote “The strain makes me want to get out of the house or do something fun.” A recommended prelude to cleaning house, shopping, or any weekend project.

Sativa 7
Critics Score: 6.4
This olive green hairless bud was covered in a crystal white blanket, and possessed a strong lemon pine essence. She was relaxed but not tired. The head was flying but with little energy. Recommended for film viewing and reading academia.

Sativa 9
Critics Score: 8.5
This tight nug reeked of margarita, possibly caipirinha. Bright, but with a tinge of hangover heaviness, she was non-stop creeping craziness. Initially dull, the rise came five minutes after first puff and slowly turned the mind to a sponge and the body to rubber. Empathetic and fun, she was a suitable athletic strain with up to three hours response. Critics also recommended her for exploratory brainstorming, as one critic wrote, “for thinking outside the box but not so far as to create B.S.” A great pair for road-tripping or a Saturday morning riverside walk to the farmer’s market.

Sativa 19
Critics Score: 8.1
Sativa 19 had an aroma like green tea, and a response just as bland. Critics did not slight visuals in terms of sensitivity to light and dark, but for the most part, she was a quiet body buzz with main cerebral processing slowed. Physical reflexes were nearly disabled; she was a stylish strain but tended to be lazy when rushed, and finnicky. Syntax was also impaired, and eventually, motor skills. It was at least two hours of definitive, yet laid back, displacement.

Sativa 26
Critics Score: 8.8
Organic and earthy, Sativa 26 was a great sweet and sour strain that activated a true creative high. A powerful creeper, she never came on too strong for a work, studying, or general meditation, but still rounded out for a pleasurable experience. For the entire two hours, concentration stayed intact; we were able to pay attention, be functional, and stay away from the munchies.


Indica 2
Critics Score: 9
Indica 2 was a light green and pink; its frosty interior even gave way to subtle blues and purples. Even more intriguing was her citrus aroma, that of a Californian orange grove, with a homemade creaminess. Her high was spacy and buzzing, producing “lots of inner chatter,” according to one critic. A creeper that never stops, best paired with a fine rootbeer, like Sprecher’s.

Indica 6
Critics Score: 8.2
Musky, sweet and dark, Indica 6 was an extreme creeper; that is, it took a very long, long time to feel her full effects. Functionality crumbled in time, but in general, the strain was chilled, yet distracted. A comfortable zone-out evolved into side-effects characteristic of ADHD kids.

Indica 8
Critics Score: 7.8
Indica 8 was a dark green with hazel hairs and a creamy, berry aroma (with arguable plum or grapes, very pinot noir). Uplifting but not energetic, the strain was thought-provoking, but only from the comfy confines of a couch cushion. Creative but unmotivated, we tended towards humor over philosophy. The peaks leveled off quickly into a long, mellowing plateau.

Indica 9
Critics Score: 8.3
Critics reported a spacey and paranoid high, relaxed but not tired or focused. The initial hour was a majestic rocker, but the stoned remnants lasted for the whole day thereafter. Recommended for the post-work collapse when you have no more responsibilities or decisions to make, aside from which chair to fall asleep in.


Hybrid 3
Critics Score: 8.7
This pinewood-chem smelling wonder was a spacey high, and rushed. According to one critic, she “creeps into the center of the body from starting just under the skin.”

Hybrid 4
Critics Score: 7.9
Hybrid 4’s sparse hair-cover may have been its more striking characteristic but its aroma was the most memorable. The “Fruity Pebbles” smell was pungent but not very represented in the smoke. Still, we critics enjoyed a twitchy, energetic high, one that carried the body at a faster pace than the mind. It was difficult to sit still, yet we lacked the motivation to do something or think clearly.
sdfjOverall, Hybrid 4 rose at an average pace and was a dependable pick-me-up. To avoid a rollercoaster in energy levels (ending in burnout) you’ll have to dose lightly throughout the day rather than all at once, and make your plans early. A late onset of light munchies came at the end of a 2.5 hour experience.

Hybrid 7
Critics Score: 7.4
This dense crystalline bud was musky, with a hint of blood orange. Its strong dose was uplifting but rushed, but happy. Reviewers also tended towards a slight paranoia. “Best for picking up a guitar,” a critic wrote, “but your fingers will be sticky.” Rampant munchies noted.

Hybrid 19
Critics Score: 7.6
Hybrid 19 had seeds but was sticky and dense. Her high was stately and substantial. Not very mind-warping, but satisfactory body and creeping head. Many of us wrote the strain off initially, but she was potent in the end, after just a few puffs.

Hybrid 22
Critics Score: 8.2
Recommended for entertaining yourself when there’s nothing else to do, Hybrid 22 is a sparkling entry with the taste of sour apple. She brought upon a tingling body high which focused on random body parts, such as ears, certain fingers, etc. Slightly frantic but not panicked, the high grew exponentially but not quite as high as the trichome cover may have suggested.

Hybrid 30
Critics Score: 8.3
A certain loneliness can be attributed to the curried Hybrid 30. A creeper by trade, this entry is probably best for lackadaisical floating down the river or whimsical picnics in the park. Proactive but spacey, soothing but maddening, she chilled out well after dinner, but not without a slice of paranoia and general obsessive-compulsive curiosity.
sdfjA strange disconnect, the high brought upon a brain fatigue that felt like a hiccup or bubble sitting above the brow. Pair with salmon, pineapple and teriyaki, with some crushed red pepper or other zest.

Hybrid 33
Critics Score: 8.4
This strain tasted between metallic and raspberry mocha, with hints of sage. Her effects, although broad, forced couch-lock and sinking eyes. Clumsiness resulted from slowed-down muscle response and the day ground to a halt. Best for weekend relaxation or at least after-dinner cocktail, and suitable response after only 2 doses.

Hybrid 35
Critics Score: 8.4
Hybrid 35 is a sweet and woody nugget, with an odor like Pine Sol perfume. A focused but dizzying high, conversation was nearly impossible. She was a quick creeper, with the indica effects coming on first, and cerebral madness developing over 30 minutes of initial ascent. Recommended for chronic, nagging pains. Also a proper wake-and-bake, but not in large doses; 1 hit should do enough, and last 2 hours or so.


Concentrate 1
Critics Score: 9.2
This entry looked like a miniature funnel cake. One puff is probably enough for most people, including seasoned cannabis veterans. But the specimen was surprisingly functional even at high dosage. The initial zap to the brainstem and forehead was good for 1000 stories from scratch, creatively, as the warped mind adjusted to its distance from reality. Ultimately for the Cannabis lover, you’ll never know just how displaced you were until the next morning. Pair with a thick steak.

Concentrate 2
Critics Score: 9.3
This fluorescent neon yellow specimen was extreme upon first hit and riveting. Zoned out, we absolutely tried to avoid complications or confrontations. The high was stumbly, numb and warm, “commanding but peaceful.” Somewhat weak-kneed at times, critics were foggy eyed, sloppy but not subdued. Somehow aloert and focused, nobody felt like doing much but feeling the bugger creep.

Concentrate 12
Critics Score: 8.9
This canary yellow beauty was emotional and vulnerable, if not sentimental, for the first hour. Face buzzing, the body displayed a crazy spasticity. Time eroded. Critics were disorderly and thoughtful yet basked in a feeling of the grandiose – t’was a great writing tool, but absolutely too dysfunctional for work.
sdfjThe waves of inebriation came on strong and then leveled off over three or four hours. Overall it was focused but not a multi-tasker. Peripheral vision was impaired, and coffee, necessary.

Concentrate 13
Critics Score: 9.7
This sparkling golden peanut brittle will shatter into the air. Her smell is a seductive plum. Ultimately, it wasn’t until the second puff that a percolating expansion felt activated, and from there a relaxed yet spacy couchlock ensued.
sdfjNot for weak-hearted, three doses are near-detrimental. Foggy eyed and sped up, the heart raced, but not unbearably. The body buzzed turned into a clairvoyant levity. Heavy dosage is too much and can result in grinding hangover. The mind disconnected from the mouth at times, and we were speechless or outspoken.

Concentrate 20
Critics Score: 7.4
This dark amber shatter buzzed the face and head like shifting tectonic plates. Although the spaciness and narcotic elements came with each puff, the third dose was a spectacular knockout punch. Overall, we enjoyed a mix of functionality with waves of flush hot spells, and general disorder. Recommended for swimmers.

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