Stocks in the Cannabis Industry Part 2 of 3

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We are continuing are three part series about Cannabis Industry Stocks. Today we will list the Cannabis Industry Stocks valued at or below a penny at the close of business today. We will outline a few businesses thinking about IPO’s, and other major Cannabis Industry businesses that could have a IPO.

WANTED: Bank for Colorado Medical Marijuana Centers

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Colorado Springs – One of the most active and last banks servicing Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Centers will stop handling those accounts by the end of September. CSSB Private Bank in Colorado Springs, actively collected accounts throughout the area for about a year, and promissed that they were dedicated to the industry. A recent decision by [...]

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients Cannot Sell To Each Other

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DETROIT — Medical marijuana cannot be sold through private shops, and patients cannot sell to each other in Michigan according to an appeals court in that state. There are between 200 and 300 businesses that are profiting from patients selling medical marijuana to one another, but all can be shut down as a public nuisance.

Stock in the Cannabis Industry Part 1 of 3

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Got Cannabis Stocks? Probably not, there are few to choose from and all are from young companies. There are currently 17 publicly traded Cannabis Industry Stocks on the markets. Most of them are penny stocks on the Pinksheets and few are older than a few months to a year, but remember if you bought only [...]

Altitude Organic and Colorado Cannabis Company Begin Joint Venture Agreement

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PHOENIX, Aug. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude Organic Corporation (ERBB:OTCPink), a national publicly-traded medical marijuana company is pleased to announce it has signed a joint venture agreement with Colorado Cannabis Company ( — a state licensed medical marijuana infused products manufacturer. In the agreement, Colorado Cannabis Company LLC will use its state licensed medical marijuana commercial kitchen to produce Altitude Organix marijuana infusible products. Over 40 different edible products will be produced for sale in the regulated Colorado medical marijuana industry. Altitude Organix™ branded products will be sold and test marketed at Altitude Organic Medicine stores, as well as at other dispensaries throughout the state beginning this September. Edible products offer state licensed patients the ability to consume cannabis without having to inhale smoke. The Colorado medical marijuana market is estimated to reach$250,000,000 in 2011 with edible sales grabbing an increasing share of the market.

Keeping things straight at the Cherry Co dispensary – manager, Lianna Loving

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Ruyan meaning “to resemble smoking” medicated oil eCigarette, sometimes called electronic vaporizer

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Arizona A.G. Attempted to Close Cannabis Clubs

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Arrested for Marijuana and died in a Florida youth detention center

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They are an embarrassment to our country.  In what way can one justify allowing a human being to die at the hands of a cruel insensitive ninny, like this jailer Superintendent Anthony Flowers. Palm Beach Juvenile Detention Center instructed staff not to call 9-1-1 as young Eric Perez lay dying. Lockup staff called a “Code [...]

Discovery Channel Announces Medical Marijuana Reality Show

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Discovery Channel recently announced a new, upcoming reality cable TV series, Weed Wars, which will focus on the Harborside Health Center medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, California. Weed Wars, airing this fall, will follow the day-to-day activities of Executive Director Steve DeAngelo and General Manager Andrew DeAngelo as they manage Harborside Health Center, the nation’s [...]

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