State Suspends Greenway University’s Operations

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The Colorado Department of Higher Education recently suspended operations at the state-certified medical marijuana educational institution, Greenway University, citing that the owner of Greenway had supplied false information on the business’ initial licensing application. Greenway University, the first state-certified medical marijuana educational provider in the United States, has operated in Denver since January of this [...]

More surprises and difficulties from the Feds in Washington State

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A federal grand jury has indicted five medical marijuana dispensary owners in and near Spokane, Washington. On Wednesday, a laundry list of federal marijuana charges, including distributing and selling near an elementary school, were announced in the indictments.

Need your Certificate of Occupancy in CO, the guy to help get it!

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Know of anyone in need of their Certificate of Occupancy (CO) this is the guy to help get it! Short-Link to this: Hello, I wanted to send out a reference on behalf of a local architect that I worked with in great detail on our Certificate of Occupancy process… If you know of anyone in [...]

NJ Governor Christie Advances Medical Marijuana Law

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Governor Chris Christie (R) of New Jersey recently announced plans to implement New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, despite his concerns over whether federal authorities would prosecute state employees. In January of last year, the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medicinal Marijuana Act passed the state legislature, yet Governor Christie had delayed implementation due to the question [...]

Ohio Commission of Cannabis Control to help in creating new MMJ laws.

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Not afraid to be seen smoking in a public parking lot Sarah Silverman

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Medical Marijuana business fees increasing in Colorado

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My Medicine The Book

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My Medicine The Book

Marc Emery’s blog | Cannabis Culture Magazine

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Marc Emery’s Bio Site His prison concert recap.  

DEA – Establishment of a New Drug Code Marihuana Extract

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  Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marihuana Extract

PO Box 15213, Scottsdale, AZ 85267, (602) 315-8808